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Exercise Is Not Punishment

Everyone knows that exercising reduces stress and improves overall quality of life. So, why doesn’t everyone do it? Today I’d like to address an awful stigma around exercise. When I hear people talk about exercising it is often referred to as a grueling chore or even a punishment for your body?? It breaks my heartContinue reading “Exercise Is Not Punishment”

Restaurants Versus Fast-Food

When you think of fast-food chains what comes to mind? You probably think of bad, unhealthy, and fattening food. And yes, you are right to think that. Well.. what about restaurants? There is a common misconception that fast-food joints are much worse for you than dine-in restaurants. News flash! One meal at a sit-down restaurantContinue reading “Restaurants Versus Fast-Food”

Be Mindful

How often do you find yourself eating breakfast on the way to work or mindlessly snacking right when you get home? I do this all the time. Without evening realizing it. Believe it or not eating food has become so effortless for us that most meals are consumed without even a second thought on whatContinue reading “Be Mindful”

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