Got Soup?

Creamy Chicken Pasta Soup Recipe with carrot and Spinach – Best Chicken  Noodle Soup Recipe — Eatwell101

There are thousands of new and “proven” weight loss formulas out there that promise results that most every-day people won’t achieve. I see countless ads out there just handing out false narratives like candy on Halloween. Pro tip: losing weight is SIMPLE. There is no advanced formula or hidden workout, and certainly no $500 secret you need to buy from them. The answer is simple.. Those of you who have tried countless diets, yet still can’t find quality long-term results; I strongly encourage you to try Soup!

Creamy Tortellini Soup Recipe | Creamy Soup Recipes | Damn Delicious

So you’ve tried other diets and none of them worked out as advertised. Why is soup any different? Because (with the right ingredients) you can load up on nutrients that increase fat burning potential. There are dozens of scientific studies done on the health benefits of soup-based diets. I’d like to share one of my favorites with you conducted by Penn State University researchers- Science Daily “Eating Soup Will Help Cut Calories At meals.”

In a brief overview of the study, PSU researchers discover that eating soup naturally decreases apatite without suffering through immense hunger or even cravings. They also found that “the combination of solid foods in liquid tricks the body into feeling an estimated 400 calories sooner than normal.” Even researchers agree. Soups are some of the best diet foods on the market, and it’s health benefits are enormously undervalued. Not for long.

30 Best Soup Recipes | The Modern Proper

Just to be clear, I am not referring to Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup (which I’ll admit is delicious). Restaurant soups are NOT good for you on any level. Sure, they might be one the healthiest thing on their menu, but make no mistake you can find healthier alternatives that are just as tasty!

For example, one of my favorite lunch foods is vegetable soup! There are plenty of generic recipes out there, but the recipe I use is straight from SoupDetox recipe book. – a soup-based specialty diet that offers ingredients, recipes and tips on how to make delicious meals at an affordable cost. Personally, I like SoupDetox because they have everything laid out for you and ready to go. If you are just looking for general soup recipes that are fattening and won’t help you body then I suggest looking elsewhere.

I have been incorporating these meals into my diet for over 6-months now and I rarely ever have cravings. If you use the right ingredients and stay consistent, there’s no telling how much body fat you will lose! Click here to see my recipe book and try out some of these fantastic soups.

Lentil to cream of vegetable: 3 healthy and yummy winter soup recipes for  kids | Parenting News,The Indian Express

P.S. If soups aren’t really your thing don’t worry. Check out my latest blog What Are The Health Benefits Of A Fruit Smoothie for more sweet and delicious health foods 😉

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