Stretch It Out!

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The very first thing I do every morning when I leave my bed is stretch. It takes me less than 5-minutes to complete my routine, and my body loves it. It never fails to amaze me how many people at my office complain bout their neck and back pain. No matter what you do for a living, you’re body will thank you for taking the time every morning to stretch it out!

Calm Your Mind & Energize Your Body: 5 Easy Morning Stretches to Start Your  Day | Spafinder

Why should I stretch in the morning? Will it make a difference if I want to stretch at night? First of all you should stretch as often as you possible can. Don’t over do it no more than 3 times a day will be plenty. The reason I stretch every morning is to relive the tension in my body from sleeping the night before. Also, it increases my blood flow and helps prepare my body for the day.

The 7 Sunday Morning Stretches You Need to Do to Feel Fresh, Limber, and  Energized - WomenWorking

I consider myself an active person. I like to run, stretch, and lift weights daily. But even I suffer from occasional body aches every once and a while. The difference is by stretching daily I relieve the pressure built up in my joints from constant movement while at the same time loosening up my muscles from sitting stagnate at my desk from hours on end.

One of the biggest myths I try to tackle is that stretching is only for the active, but that couldn’t be any more false. Personally, I have to stretch for much longer when I am desk ridden all day than when I am active and moving around.

You Need This 8-Minute Morning Stretch Routine

If you aren’t stretching every day then don’t be surprised when that back pain comes back flaring up next week, or when your neck begins to tighten up. If these symptoms haven’t already started happening yet, then they will eventually. Protect yourself from the curse of old age body failure and the immense suffering that comes with it.

Morning Stretch Routines To Improve Your Flexibility & Fitness

Last but not least, find stretches that you enjoy doing! I can’t even count how many people try to force their bodies to do things that isn’t enjoyable. Healthy life habits are not about pushing yourself to the absolute limit. Think of it more as a break from normal daily actives, or consider it a treat for yourself.

Morning Stretches with Alana Mitnick

To help you get stated I found a video for you Best Morning Low Back Stretches For a pain Free Day – it’s only 10 minutes. If you this video helps you relieve some morning aches, check out more of Bob & Brad’s YouTube videos on morning stretches. I have taken several of their stretches into my morning routine and difference in joint pressure is astounding.

When you wake up tomorrow morning what are you going to do? Stretch It Out!!

5 Morning Stretches to Start the Day Right | PaleoHacks Blog

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