No Gym? No Problem!

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I hear rumors all time that in order to get in a good workout you need some fancy gym with a whole bunch of equipment. I assure you this is not the case. There are many great exercises that don’t require anything but your own body weight! What I love most about body weight workouts is that they are simple, very effective, and completely free! 

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If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym you should be using it once a day (or at least every other day). If you aren’t sure how then you’re in luck! I am going to share with you 3 different body weight workouts that you can do in any room of your choice. 

  1. Burpees 

Burpees are an excellent at-home workout because they incorporate a full-body callisthenic workout that builds and strengthens your lower and upper body simultaneously. Burpees burn up to 50% more fat than conventional weight training exercises because it is considering a high intensity exercise. It even burns more calories than running! 

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It’s an all in one workout that is sure to give you a nice sweat and burn off those stubborn calories. I love burpees, but they are tough – don’t worry nothing you can’t handle. Just make sure you learn the right techniques before you get started. I’ll add a link below from a trusted professional, so you can learn the proper way to do a burpee and get the max benefits they provide.

Click Here To Watch A Burpee Tutorial

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the most widely recognized exercises for a reason. Much like burpees, jumping jacks are another full body workout. I love full body workouts and recommend them to many of my clients because you can exercise so many different muscle groups in one swift motion.

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Jumping jacks are easy to do, and they provide enormous benefits to all areas of your body. They are a convenient form of cardio which helps to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. Not to mention, they are a fun way to help with fat loss, balance, and even strength bones.

Most people know how to do jumping jacks since they are one of the simplest workouts out there, but just in case I am still going to post a video tutorial on how to make the most of them.

Click Here To Watch A Jumping Jacks Tutorial

3. Sit Ups

Last but certainly not least we have sit-ups. Chances are sit-ups are probably one of your least favorable workouts on this list, but they are so important that I can not leave them out. Let me just say this.. Sit-Ups strengthen your core. Your core is the center of your entire body, and therefore indirectly helps other important areas of your body. I’m talking about areas that might already be giving you some trouble now like your back, neck, etc.

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Strengthening your core is vital to achieve a healthy body. Everything is affected by your core. Your abdominal and hip muscles, balance, stability, flexibility, posture, diaphragm, you name it! By doing sit-ups daily and strengthening your abdominal muscles, you are severely decreasing belly fat and reducing the risk of back pain or other injuries.

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There are many different ways to effective strengthen your core, so I will share a few of my favorites. These core exercises I am sharing with you are the ones I use every day to keep my body in shape and reduce aces and pains in other parts of my body. Click the link below to learn great ab exercises from a strength training professional.

Click Here For Core Strengthening Exercises

Don’t forget to Stretch It Out! Check out my latest blog post about the importance of stretching. **If you attempt any of the following exercises it is vital that you accompany them with daily stretches!**

10 Best Lower Back Pain Stretches and Exercises for Relief

Now that you are armed with the knowledge and means to achieve a heathy figure, the next step is to take action! Watch all of the free videos I just gave you and gradually begin to implement them into your daily routine. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will notice the results!

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