Exercise Is Not Punishment

Everyone knows that exercising reduces stress and improves overall quality of life. So, why doesn’t everyone do it? Today I’d like to address an awful stigma around exercise. When I hear people talk about exercising it is often referred to as a grueling chore or even a punishment for your body?? It breaks my heart to hear people say this. Actually, your body loves exercising! Healthy movement is many things but it is certainly NOT a punishment. And here’s why..

How to relieve stress with exercise - Chatelaine

They way you move your body is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. If you hate yourself after a workout then you are doing the wrong exercise. Every person’s body is unique and different. What works for others may not work for you. Spend some time trying new workouts (at home or in the gym) that your body responds well to. For example, I do 20-minutes of power yoga every morning right when I wake up – yes yoga is an exercise. It is not strenuous on my body, and my body feels 10x better afterwards. I look forward to it every morning.

Healthy Body Yoga | Yoga With Adriene

Curious about my morning routine? Here is a free yoga video from one of my favorite online Instructors Adriene – I seriously love her. In this video Adriene demonstrates the dozens on fat burning yoga techniques specifically designed for weight loss. If your one of those people who dreads the gym, try yoga instead. It is the perfect heavy weight, cardio, machine, treadmill, supplement – and your body will enjoy it!

How Can Exercise Reduce Stress? | Action Karate Plymouth

I will never understand how people get through their day without any kind of mental simulation. Some of my friends think its amazing that I exercise daily, but truthfully I think its amazing that they don’t. How could you not? How can anybody function properly without giving their mind a break or an increase in oxygen/blood flow. With all the daily stressors in our lives, exercising is the only thing that keeps me sane.

8 Great Happiness Perks You Get From Exercise | Live Happy Magazine

Change the way you think about workouts. They aren’t grueling punishments. Exercising is a way to free your mind from everything else going on. If done right, your workouts will become addictive. Eventually your mind will crave that release and it will infinitely increase your motivation and drive to exercise daily. Remember exercising isn’t something you HAVE to do. It is something you WANT to do.

The Science Behind Happiness and Exercise - Total Wellness

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