Restaurants Versus Fast-Food

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When you think of fast-food chains what comes to mind? You probably think of bad, unhealthy, and fattening food. And yes, you are right to think that. Well.. what about restaurants?

There is a common misconception that fast-food joints are much worse for you than dine-in restaurants. News flash! One meal at a sit-down restaurant can actually be just as bad (if not worse) than a meal at your local fast-food chain – Yes really. Now that you are fully aware, it’s pretty easy to admit that eating at home is the best option.

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However, if you do go out, at least make sure you are researching the calories and fat count of the food you are considering. And don’t trust the menu! Just because it says it is a “light meal” or a “smaller portion” does not mean that it actually is. Remember their main goal is to make profits whether its benefits you or not!

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It’s ok to go out and celebrate every once and a while. I am not telling you to stay away from your favorite places, all I am trying to do is remind you that eating-out is not justifiable in regards to your health. If its a birthday or special treat, go enjoy! But remember to be mindful and choose smaller portion sizes.

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There is one more important thing I would like to leave you with.

I found an interesting article for you Restaurant food “just as unhealthy as fast food.” from Medical News Today. They do an in-depth break down of a recent study published by European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that compares and contrast health consequences from eating fast-food verses restaurant food. I LOVE medical news today. They constantly update their newsletter with helpful breakdowns of nutritional case studies and modern health news. I strongly recommend subscribing to other health blogs and websites other than my own. The more tips you gather from professionals the more likely you are to reach your goals!

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For the record, I am NOT a paid affiliate for Medical News Today. I receive no compensation if your visit their website. I am simply sharing a free source of health news that I use daily to fact check health claims made by other professionals.

I’ll post more relevant blogs and links throughout the year, so make sure to stay tuned!

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