Be Mindful

How often do you find yourself eating breakfast on the way to work or mindlessly snacking right when you get home? I do this all the time. Without evening realizing it.

The Difference Between Mindless Eating and Mindful Eating | Xen and the Art  of Mindful Eating

Believe it or not eating food has become so effortless for us that most meals are consumed without even a second thought on what or how we are eating them. That’s exactly why it’s so important to pay close attention to what we’re eating and become more mindful – because if we let our minds wander we are more likely to over eat! For more more ways to tackle over-eating check out my last post Over 100+ Alternatives To Over-Eating.

Don't Reach for the Chips: Three Practical Tips for How to Stop

Remember eating your favorite food when you were a kid? Chomping down on ice cream or a slice of watermelon in the summer. Some of my best memories of food are the ones where I enjoyed it fully without distraction. That’s because.. Mindful eating is more enjoyable! A chocolate bar is a treat, not something you scarf down between meetings. If you take the time to purchase and make your own meals, then you owe it to yourself to slow down and actually enjoy them.

Baby Eating Watermelon

What you’ll find is that being mindful when you’re eating a meal will actually help you notice when you’re full – giving you the heads up before you overeat. Try it for yourself. It’s easy to consume more calories than your body needs, but the solution is simple. Next time you sit down to eat, turn off your phone, take a breather, and try to really focus on your meal. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but it can severely decrease your caloric intake.

Mindless eating: Why we eat more than we think – Office of Behavioral and  Social Sciences Research

Mindful eating has helped me and countless others keep our calories in check. Its an easy fix. You just have to remember to concentrate. Even when others are sitting at the table. You are on a mission to better yourself. I’m not saying you cant enjoy company at the table, but always make sure you dedicate your focus to your food.

Stop! You are eating mindlessly | Complete Wellbeing

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